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Topic with highest number of MYTHS !! "THE WEIGHT" ⚖

The chart which is given on Google or multiple health sites,naturally creates lot of stress, since it is difficult to maintain our weight in those brackets.....

Every body is made varies in multiple aspects..

🌀Genetics plays important role in this..

🌀You can weigh different in morning and different in night...

🌀If you are a women, it varies throughout the month (due to hormonal fluctuations)...

🌀It can vary even if your poop isn't clear..

🌀It differs if your muscles are relaxed or stiff...

And so many more things to add...

You can weigh more but you are flexible and fit or super active, and that's because, your lean muscle mass is better than thinner population...

🌀Also if you are thin (or your weight fits in the normal bracket) but you keep catching infections easily is an indication that you aren't as healthy as you WEIGH!!

So better fitness or better immunity is one and only indicator of BETTER HEALTH...🩺

So it is my request and a gentle reminder that work on IMMUNITY and FITNESS....


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