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So many ways ALLERGY can show up! ⬇️

Allergic diseases are becoming more and more common these days. They range from mild to life threatening situation.

Our immune system never reacts to our surroundings every time it gets exposed to or on regular basis.

First response is more of harmless where the IgE antibody is produced against the allergen which we are sensitive to.

This step is followed by binding of mast cells and simultaneously the milder symptoms start producing. 

But in some cases when mast cells continues its work, symptoms start increasing.

The allergy could be to anything like

➡️ Insect bite

➡️Peanut allergy

➡️Smoke , dust


➡️Sea food


➡️Contact allergy of skin depending on surfaces,etc

Basic things we do for preventing allergies are:

Avoiding allergens.

Working on building the immune system!.

In homeopathy we have beautiful medicines which can help coming out of this problem.

Just consult a qualified homeopathic doctor before taking any medication.

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