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Note to self: Not to forget mask!!😷

Now that, after Diwali festivities and so many get togethers happening around; people are seen gathering in numbers to celebrate!

Also so many marriage functions are lined up, shopping is going on with full force and as well as in groups!

But sadly so many of them are seen WITHOUT MASKS, which is alarming🤐.

Everyone should understand that mask is one of the most important thing you should be carrying these days. It is as important as house keys or your phone rather!!!.

Also there should be minimum training that is required on how one should wear the mask, since most of them who are wearing masks, creating their own ways or styles of wearing them.

** How should your face mask be worn?

-Always wash your hands with soap and water before touching the face mask.

-Remove mask from the dispenser or box and make sure the masks do not have any holes or tears.

-Make sure you determine which side is the top and which is the front of the mask, so you can properly wear the mask.

-NOSE IS IMPORTANT TO COVER! Keep that in mind.

We should behave like responsible citizen. The Corona has not gone anywhere, and it is here to stay for long time. So,

Whatever you do..........PLEASE, DON'T FORGET YOUR MASKS!

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