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Gond (Tragacanth Gum/Edible Gum) : Some must haves in Winters!!

Tragacanth Gum (Gond) is a natural gum that is produced by several different species of the Astragalus .

It is extracted as a syrup from these plants, now the syrup dries quickly to become tragacanth gum.

It is odorless, tasteless, and water soluble. It can be made into a powder, gel, or paste.

This has huge benefits to name a few are: 1. Hair : Tragacanth gum helps to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss.

2. Skin: Tragacanth gum has an effective role in wound healing. So traditionally it is given to women post delivery. It helps in getting rid of acne.

3. Bones and joints: Tragacanth gum could be used to strengthen and repair human bones.

3. Weight Loss Believers in tragacanth gum, those who practice Ayurveda, claim that it can aid weight loss efforts by increasing the metabolic rate.

4. Constipation: There are some studies which proves that this is highly recommended in constipation and related issues.

5. Male Health: The traditional medicine history claim that tragacanth gum can cure conditions like erectile dysfunction, low semen count, and premature ejaculation as well.

Our age old winter diets are created with some intentions in the mind and for our benefits to improve our health! Lets not forget this!

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