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Anger is normal 💛

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Feelings are part of our day to day life!

Feelings like care, anger, frustration, irritation, affection, etc.

We are always taught that 'Anger' is bad! But anger is just an emotion, it is the feeling which anyone can express. But, the expression of anger comes with some rules.

When it comes to children they don't understand the feeling and it comes out in aggressive form as they don't know how to deal with it.

In the current pandemic scenario its getting more and more difficult to manage work and schools and all being stuck at home, all are getting frustrated and hence anger bouts are natural.

What should be done for kids:

1. Name the feeling: We should ask them to name the feeling first! What is it? Anger or tiredness or frustration or boredom. When we ask this their mind goes over it and then understand the situation well.

2. Reason the feeling: Why? Are you bored, tired, hungry, missing anyone?? why?

3. Rules: Rules like "It if ok to be angry but not ok to harm self/ anyone or property".

3. Calming techniques: Explaining that hitting isn't the solution, rather you can walk away or distract by doing something else or talking out can help.

4. Jot down: If kids can write, ask them to write in a diary about how they feel and what they wish to do.

5. Energy flow: Calming the energy inside by some physical and mental activity so that the focus goes in something productive.

Of course what you feed.. grows!

Comment how you manage and deal with anger bouts!

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